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Rooms Rates in Admiral Greig Hotel Nikolaev

Before booking any hotel rooms in Nikolaev Hotel Admiral Greig please check out the cost of living in a luxury hotel Admiral Greig (Nikolaev Ukraine):

Admiral Cabin
  • 250 UAH per hour
  • 1300 UAH per night
Captain Cabin
  • 250 UAH per hour
  • 950 UAH per night
Boatswain Cabin
  • 200 UAH per hour
  • 650 UAH per night
Helmsman Cabin
  • 150 UAH per hour
  • 550 UAH per night
Lead Seaman Cabin
  • 200 UAH per hour
  • 600 UAH per night
Skipper Cabin
  • 200 UAH per hour
  • 550 UAH per night
Sauna as a room
  • super-luxe
  • 1500 UAH per night

You can book any room with the additional sauna in the period 21:00-12:00 for 700.00 UAH.

* Payment by cash or credit card in the national currency, the hryvnia

Administrator at Hotel Admiral Greyg will answer all your questions about the prices in the hotel Nikolaev. Room rates at the hotel may vary - you will learn the exact price of the hotel Admiral Greig in Nikolaev if you call us +38 0512 46 50 88.