City Center In Nikolaev

City CenterCity Center – the first and only commercial and entertainment center of the city of Nikolaev.
Although we opened in 2006, our story begins much earlier. City Center is located on the site of the planned cultural house large Mykolaiv Shipyard named after 61 Communards. Planned project home culture as a large ship, as the history of our city is closely associated with the shipbuilding industry. Now City Center – is securely moored in the center of the ship, built and equipped with the latest technology and construction engineering.
City Center – a huge area of 25 000 square meters, where there is everything from supermarkets, shops and boutiques, to cellular shops, banks and cinemas.
City Center – is an entertainment zone. Here you can relax and have a great leisure time with friends. For lovers of active recreation are always open bowling and billiards room. We can find entertainment for even the youngest. In our complex are many shops selling youth clothing, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, electronics and optics.
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