Sovetskaya Street

Sovetskaya Street is the main street of the city of Nikolaev, shipbuilders
Sovetskaya Street is the main street of the city of Nikolaev, shipbuilders. Part of the street Soviet (from Lenin Square to Lenin Avenue) is now a pedestrian. Going back to the historical origins, in 1822 Paul Fedorov (Chief of Police Nikolayev) proposed the name of the cross streets in the old part of the policeman as Elisavetgrad Nikolaev, as it led to the bridge over the Ingul Ingul descent, and then from the bridge began Elisavetgrad road. But this project Fedorov on the name of the street has not been approved by Alexey Greig (military governor of Nikolaev at the time).
Then, in 1835, the chief of police Avtonomov Gregory suggested the name of the street Cathedral, because then the beginning of the street just off the Admiralty Cathedral of St. Gregory the Great Armenia.
In the second half of the XIX century the street was extended further to the south right up to the Coaster descent, past Vavilova problem. Since the end of XIX century cathedral has become the main street of Nikolaev, and also the main shopping center. After the assassination of Alexander II street for a while was called Alexander. In memory of the murdered King Street chapel was installed, which, unfortunately, has not survived to the present day.
Finally, in 1920 the street was renamed the Soviet, in honor of the Soviets of Workers’, Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies.
Sovetskaya Street is the main street of the city of Nikolaev, shipbuilders
Stepping on Lenina avenue, turn to the street Soviet – the longest pedestrian street in Ukraine! There is a huge number of shopping centers, cafes and restaurants Nikolaev. Actually wonderfully, except that it is not the only street in the Ukraine, where ancient buildings Nikolaev successfully mixed with brand new a la tech. In the evening the whole street is covered with stylish lighting that adds to her charm and romance.
Today, coming in Mykolaiv city on business or on vacation, you are sure to walk around our pride – a pedestrian street Sovetskaya (from Admiral Greig hotel you can easy walking distance to Sovetskaya Street – just on Lenin Avenue, for example).
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