Nikolaev Yacht Club

Миколаївський яхт-клуб
Hotel name Admiral Greig is closely related to shipbuilding, as well as the glorious history of the city Nikolaev. The theme of ships will continue to Nicholas Yacht Club, founded in 1887.
A place where there is a yacht club that once belonged to the suburbs geographically Nikolaev.
Nikolayev – a famous shipbuilding town in the south of Ukraine.
Throughout its history, Nikolaev produced better judgment in the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union.
But not only this famous Nikolaev! Nikolaev is famous for its legendary yacht “Oreanda” and the yacht “Icarus”.

So, in Nikolaev is the world-famous Nicholas yacht club. The members of this club in 1987, on the yacht “Icarus,” the first in Ukraine traveled around the world and back in 1848 admiral’s yacht “Oreanda” went from around Europe to Kronstadt, winning the grand prize of sailing races, the same route back to Nikolaev . In addition to the yacht club there was the palace of Prince Potemkin, and Turkish (Sultan) fountain. Palace, unfortunately, does not exist.

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