Lenin Avenue

The main street of Nikolaev - Lenin ProspectThe main street of Nikolaev – Lenin Prospect.
This is the main road junction town, which runs through the city from east to west.
Lenin Avenue is more like a mall than a prospect, as there is a central part of the pedestrian with comfortable benches, which are allowed to gain strength when suddenly podustanete.
In spite of the many cars and furious movement, breathe freely in Nikolaev, and the spirit of the sea does not leave for a minute.
The main street of Nikolaev - Lenin ProspectTaking a walk along Lenin Avenue need to pay attention to the surrounding buildings – some places were left at home, standing here since the creation of Nikolaev.
But in general, we have a nice mix of architecture: Stalin’s home magically combines with Khruschev and the newfangled castles of glass and metal.
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