Bunker Boulevard

Флотский бульварEach city has its own business card. The place is surrounded by stories and legends, a place that is remembered for everybody who has ever been there, in Nikolayev – a quay. So, go for a walk on the promenade Nikolayev, here is something to see.
Bunker Boulevard – a walking promenade, which offers a spectacular view of the river Inhul, bridges and yacht club. The first thing that catches the eye is the shipbuilding giant factory, equipped with cranes, double-height exceeding nine-story building, because they despise the ships on the water.
Many of the guests who come to Nikolaev on vacation or for business, argue that the boulevard is somewhat similar to the famous seaside boulevard in Odessa. Boulevard installed on naval memorial in honor of the founding of the city and the monument to Prince Potemkin, comrade colonel Faleyev who actually supervised the construction of the city. Another monument – a monument to Admiral Makarov – can be found on the other end of the naval Boulevard.
Having seen the beauty of the promenade, enjoying this wonderful play of colors in the sky, going back to the hotel Nikolaev Admiral Greig, to breathe the air of this quaint Nikolayev, in a blend of dry steppes and smells salty smell of the sea.
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