Military career of Admiral Greig

Military career of Admiral Greig In 1798, twenty-three second rank captain Alex Greig was given command of his first ship – 66-gun “Retvizan” captured from the Swedes in 1790, the squadron Chichagova. In the squadron Alexey Makarov Samuilovich sailed from the British coasts, cruised with allies in the German Sea, received accolades from Nelson. A January 1, 1799 Greig made ​​a captain of the first rank. Justifying incumbent trust, Alex took part in the landing and taking Dutch fortress Gelder, next to which was captured and the Dutch fleet. Witnesses noted his personal bravery in the capture of the ship “Washington”.
In 1802, to take the throne, Alexander I appointed a young Greig member to form a committee to fix the fleet. At that time he was in his twenty-seventh year, and he was the only captain of the first rank among the six admirals who founded the Committee. The degree of confidence in the skills and talents Greig can be judged from the fact, which the venerable sailors were in committee – Vorontsov, Mordvinov, Makarov, Fondezin, Kartcev, scores and Chichagov. A year later, Alex Samuilovich became captain commander, received the right to command the squadron.
Beginning of a new century marked by the promotion of Napoleon’s Europe. Russia and France was at war. In 1804, Greig, commanding a group of four ships, conducted reconnaissance and patrol duty in the islands of the Ionian republic under Russian protectorate. In the same year, together with British ships he dropped paratroopers in Naples, but under the pressure of superior French forces were forced to remove it. In 1805 Alexey Samuilovich enrolled under the command of Dmitry Senyavina – students and associates of the legendary Ushakov.
Once in 1806, Turkey declared war on Russia, Senyavin the fleet went to Constantinople, instructing Greig seize the island of Tenedos – a large Turkish stronghold at the entrance to the Dardanelles. Young sailor personally led the first column of troops to storm the island, having mastered them to the 8 March 1807 at Tenedos was organized base of the fleet, so necessary for the blockade of the Dardanelles. May 10 Turkish ships sailed out of the strait for the lifting of the blockade. Alexei Samuilovich on his “Retvizane” took an active part in the Battle of Dardanelles as a second flagship. After a hot battle ships of the Turks retreated under cover of the shore batteries. The next day a group of vessels Greig was sent to attack the enemy’s fleet, which entered the strait. During the fight, he was able to drive the stranded group of enemy ships, where they are stuck. Greig then landed troops on the island of Lemnos, which was soon successfully captured. June 19th the enemy again organized an operation to return Tenedos. New battle took place on the sea off Mount Athos. Three ships under the command of Greig attacked and captured the admiral ship of the Turkish fleet, three more ships aground and were burnt crews.
After the conclusion of the Peace of Tilsit with Napoleon fighting in the Mediterranean ceased, and in 1808 took Senyavin fleet in Lisbon. For military successes Samuilovich Alex, now a rear admiral, was awarded the Order of St.. Anna first degree, after which he was summoned to St. Petersburg. Brewing a new war – this time with former ally of Britain. All Englishmen who bore the service on Russian ships, the contract did not have the right to fight against their homeland and were sent into the country. This did not escape the fate and Greig, who remained on the origin of his father a British citizen. In the biography Greig says: “Removed in Moscow and not taking anything participation, lived until 1812.” While in the capital actually four years, the sailor had a fantastic opportunity to deepen and broaden their knowledge of the different interests of its arts and sciences. It is known that he had carefully studied shipbuilding, physics, astronomy, mathematics, literature, hydrography and medicine.
Since the beginning of the War of 1812 Alexey Samuilovich was sent to bet in-Chief and the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Chichagova Moldavian army. Here he received diplomatic assignments – visit Odessa, Constantinople, Malta and Sicily to attract southern people to fight against Napoleon. In 1813, Greig returned to St. Petersburg and led command rowing and sailing fleet during the siege of the city of Danzig. There, he not once personally drove sailors to storm enemy batteries than gained fame valiant warrior. After mastering Danzig Alexei Samuilovich was granted the title of vice-admiral and the Order of St.. Vladimir second degree. Soon after that, knowing that the two can not have a fatherland, Greig received Russian citizenship.
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