Legacy of Admiral Greig

Legacy of Admiral Greig
After the end of hostilities Greig was appointed chairman of the committee that deals with the improvement of shipbuilding, and dubbed the Committee Greig. Almost a year since the summer of 1830 he was in St. Petersburg. 53 meetings of the Committee analyzed more than 350 important questions and suggestions concerning improvement of domestic structures of ships coming from Russian sailors – Krusenstern, Lazarev, Avinova, Kazarsky and many, many others. Almost all the proposals with the support of the Committee have been accepted for use on ships of the Russian Navy.
In 1833, the admiral was appointed a member of the State Council. He moved to St. Petersburg, and in subsequent years has been active in political and social activities. At the request of Academician Alexei Struve Samuilovich headed the Committee for the construction of the Main Astronomical Observatory, which was opened in August 1839. Also Greig took an active part in the work of the Free Economic Society, spoke at meetings of the State Council, headed by a number of committees – laws and legislation, military and Mosca affairs, civil affairs, the economy, the Polish business. In an already advanced age in 1843 Alexey Shneiderman, like his father, was awarded the highest distinction of the Russian State – Order of St.. Andrew. In the last years of his life lived under Peterbuge Greig at his estate in the vicinity of Oranienbaum. According to close his favorite pastime was reading books from a huge personal library. Admiral died January 18, 1845 at the seventieth year of his life and was buried in St. Petersburg at the Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery.
Alexey Greig lived a complex and long life, rich, both successes and frustrations. Scot by birth, he grew up and developed as a sailor, engineer and scientist in Russia. He said that he considered himself her son and works for the sake of strengthening the power of the Russian state. One of the historians of the Russian fleet rightly said of him: “… born Englishman, but brought Russia and the Russian fleet use, more Russian than many Russians.” Contemporaries noted Admiral high human dignity Greig – soulful, honesty, caring attention to everyone who spoke to him, friendliness towards all. In everyday life, Alex Samuilovich was modest and unassuming man. In his spare time, he studied music and gardening, played four musical instruments and bred in the greenhouse of exotic plants and flowers. Respect he enjoyed among his colleagues and co-workers, reflected in the geographical names imprinted on the world map. Served under the command of Greig navigators Bellingshausen and he called his name Stanyukovich open their facilities – Greig island in the Pacific Ocean and Cape Greig in the Bering Sea.
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