Greig influence on the development of Mykolaiv

Greig influence on the development of Mykolaiv Alexei Samuilovich showed great concern for the development of the city of Nikolaev. When it was built the first wharf, market stalls, open male and female school, hospice, hospital, founded “free” drug stores and a huge market at the end of Cathedral Street. On the isthmus between the Bug and Ingul bay was built a stone wall enclosing the villagers from wild animals, contagious diseases and robbers. Through the activities of the admiral was the beginning of the coverage of the city, as well as landscaping of streets. Greig’s work on the development of agriculture and gardens in the vicinity of Nikolaev is very important, given the semi-urban suburbs and sultry climate. In a greenhouse built Alexei Samuilovich himself conducted experiments on acclimatization of plants. If successful, the seedlings are planted in their designated places. It is known that Alexei Samuilovich appealed to the emperor for permission to build a gravity water Spassky – grand engineering structure supplied spring water on a city street.
After ten years of successful leadership Alexei Shneiderman Black Sea Fleet once again turned into a powerful fighting organization. During the period from 1816 to 1828 were built 145 vessels of various sizes and purposes, besides 16 vessels were purchased and 9 finish building. Anticipating the inevitability of a military conflict with Turkey, Greig boosted the creation of new ships and existing ships hastily prepared for combat. War broke out in 1828. The Black Sea Fleet has been assigned a new task in the strategic plan – the interaction and support of ground forces when driving Russian troops through the land of the Little Balkans to Constantinople, destruction or seizure of the coastal fortresses, holding side advancing armies and the defeat of the Turkish fleet, breaks to break into the Black Sea. In this war, the best way in the whole vast combat experience, the accumulation of Alexei Samuelovich previous years. Ally and successor Admiral Senyavina tactical actions outstanding Admiral Ushakov, he has successfully completed the task assigned to the fleet, managing to ensure close strategic coordination of the fleet and army. In 1828, he led the siege of the fortress of Anapa and in a short time it took, despite the triple advantage of the besieged. After that he immediately went with the fleet to Varna, which is the key to Constantinople. The garrison of twenty-seven thousand men fought fiercely and persistently, but the Russian fleet led by Greig in conjunction with ground forces took this powerful fortress after a short siege. This was followed by Ahiollo, Messembria, Inada, San Stefano, Media, Sizopol, Burgas and the blockade of the Bosphorus. The war, which ended victoriously in 1929, brought the liberation of Greece and a number of the Danubian States from the Turkish yoke, and gave hope for the liberation of Bulgaria. Alexei Samuilovich same reward for the capture of coastal strongholds was flag rank and the Order of St.. George the second class.
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