Contribution Admiral Greig in vrazvitie fleet

Contribution Admiral Greig in vrazvitie fleetAdmiral has developed a set of rules to preserve ships in peacetime. According to them were taken stern and bow guns to reduce the risk of fracture vessels were installed new fire safety rules, put lightning rods. Greig personally supervised the safety of ships in the port of Nicholas canceled kilevanie having a plurality of harmful effects, applied for the construction of dry docks for ship repair. He even came up and introduced a system of uniform distribution of vehicles, to get up into the parking lot, in the waters of the port for the purpose of uniform heating and drying exception mast and hull. When Greig were first created the commission overseeing the quality of construction of ships, as well as overseeing the incoming timber. Realizing the importance of accurate time, Alex Samuilovich established a special service, we shoot out of a cannon at noon, giving a signal that sets all admiralty, city, church and private hours. He also initiated the establishment of a steam dredging machine to be used in the future to deepen the channel of the river Ingul. This in turn has reduced the price and simplify the wiring in the Sevastopol port of newly built ships.
Under the leadership of Admiral in 1827 for ships above 100 rank-gun developed new, longer gun can fire without the risk of fire from the flame side shots. Shortly after casting the first 24 and 26-pounders, it was agreed on all fleets to “make long gun on the Black Sea to the drawings, as well.” Alexei Samuilovich showed considerable interest in chemistry. He owns the invention in 1821 of a new charge for brandskugeley (incendiary), which burned longer and better fire to enemy ships.
As rightly pointed out one of the companions of Greig “for the implementation of large and small cases, except for the mind and the required funds, and in them then was a lack.” In numerous archival materials preserved evidence of the incredible persistence of Admiral, with which he had to fight for the implementation of even the most indisputable for useful suggestions. Basically, the way a sailor rose petty limitations and conservative officials in charge of shipbuilding economies. Alexei Samuilovich had to seek all sorts of ways to save funds. He had to reorganize the economic part of the fleet, to strengthen control over economic affairs, to establish a rigid reporting of all financial transactions, as well as personally recheck contracts with contractors and to recover from them all found an overpayment. Archival documents confirm that Greig followed all the costs of shipbuilding, many papers are his handwritten checking calculations. In 1828, the admiral ordered the establishment of a single settlement displacement of ship – “combatant weight.” Prior to that were taken “drill ton” or “tons of cargo”, brings confusion in determining the value and opens the way to abuse when paying. Also Greig introduced new rules for dealing with contractors, in particular contracts are concluded after comparing the offers received in sealed envelopes.
With the advent of Greig Black Sea Fleet began to learn. At the initiative of Admiral in Nikolaev was extended Navigating school and created Artillery, and in 1824 in Sevastopol, a library for the officers to help sailors pass the time during the autumn and winter periods.
Alexei Samuilovich forbidden to use corporal punishment in schools, according to his contemporaries, “Greig frequented marine places, was present at the examination navigators and warrant, personally experienced coming to lieutenant in the practical knowledge.” Following the example of Krusenstern in St. Petersburg, Alexey Nikolaev Samuilovich organized in additional courses for officers of the fleet – an original Naval Academy, where he taught a course in physics, naval architecture, mechanics, hydrostatics, pneumatics and fluid dynamics. Most capable officers were sent abroad to further enhance education. Interesting one case – to learn that a naval cadet shows exceptional ability in drawing, Admiral himself, by the way, a good draftsman, “struck” him a place at the Academy of Fine Arts, the cadets went there as a “pensioner” fleet. Also worth noting is that Greig has introduced the definition of magnetic compass deviation, and to study the effects of terrestrial magnetism on the ship’s compass arrow organized a special physical office in which naval officers could carry out experiments.
Admiral annually went to practice swimming, sailing and spent artillery exercises. Were established regular communication between the port city of the north-west coast (Kherson, Odessa, Sevastopol, Nikolaev) and the coast of the Caucasus, where the ships of the fleet supported ground forces in the fight against the rebels mountaineers. Of the Naval Postgraduate School Greig went sailors, later famous in the Russian-Turkish and Crimean wars. Besides, they had been brought up a number of talented shipbuilders. Admiral and showed concern for sailors. He managed to get permission to connect married sailors and their families, has been improved food and uniforms sailors banned most brutal corporal punishment.
Greig childhood fond of astronomy. This passion was due not so much professional interest sailor as innate inquisitiveness and thirst for the exact sciences. As a young man during the watches and in his spare time, he often watched the heavenly bodies and determine their position, as evidenced by the numerous drafts and the remaining calculations. Shortly after Greig moved to Nikolaev he gave in his mansion a small “home” observatory. To do this, in the central part of the house was made chief commander of the celestial dome. Alexei Samulovicha Observatory was equipped with excellent set of tools for personal sailor, he out of the city gave the fleet. In the spring of 1820 Alex Samuilovich in a letter to the Minister of the Sea has raised the question about the need to build a special Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory Marine. Resolution of Alexander I came in the same year, and soon began its construction on Spassky Hill. On the recommendation of Struve Greig invited to place the “sea astronomer” his talented student Karl Knorre, has extensive knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics and astronomy. By the way, Carl Hristoforovich served in this position until the end of life – nearly fifty years. Knorre himself wrote: “Fortunately, the device Observatory was entrusted to man, to make every effort in order to build a building, corresponding to the full state of the art, and given the limited resources it provided.” Nikolaev Observatory opened in 1827 and was the largest observatory in Russia at the time. At this point in learning the nautical astronomy naval officers and cadets gathered sailors hydrographers who performed nautical charting and surveying the coast of the Black Sea, were audited ship devices. Future admiral himself has participated in many scientific papers places, made ​​observations with Knorre and Karl Dahl – brother of prominent Russian linguist. For a number of scientific and organizational work in the field of astronomy Greig in 1822 was elected an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
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