Biography of Admiral Greig

Russian Admiral Alexei Samuilovich Greig struck his contemporaries professional knowledge of the sailor and the broadest scientific outlook. His interests include sailing, artillery, shipbuilding, physics, mathematics, astronomy, law, medicine, chemistry and economics. Besides explorer and statesman professionally engaged in painting, music, history, botany. And no matter what the field did not work Greig, everywhere he introduced something new, sought to bring the greatest possible benefit of the Fatherland. According to eyewitnesses, “he was a man of encyclopedic erudition, standing far ahead of his time – ideal Seaman practice, scientist and sailor-rounded person.”
Alexey Greig was born in Kronstadt sailor in the family September 6, 1775. His father, Samuel Karlovic, was a Scot from a sort of MacGregor. In 1750, he enrolled as a volunteer in the British fleet and sailed for thirteen years in various courts. He has seen many countries took part in a great number of sea battles, however, despite an impeccable record, has served only to the first officer’s rank. Seeing the futility of future career, Samuel Greig went to seek his fortune in a foreign land. At the same time young Empress Catherine II was engaged in the reform of the Russian fleet. One of the innovations was the invitation to serve in the Navy experienced sailors from abroad. This proposal and took twenty-eight Greig. In June 1764, he was promoted to captain of the first rank, and, as time has shown, the Russian navy did not regret it. Samuel Karlovic proved energetic and competent sailor, he has developed a new set of rules on domestic rigged ships, took an active part in the famous Archipelago expedition and in the delivery of the Northern capital “Princess Tarakanova.” By the time of the birth of his first son Alexei Samuel Greig has worked as the chief commander of the Kronstadt port, as well as on the design of new ships of the Russian Navy.
Even before the birth of the child had to make an order of the Empress’s son Greig’s a midshipman, and his daughter – in honor. Also Catherine II with Count Orlov became the godparents of the child. This royal favor, by the way, has played a negative role in the career of Alexei Shneiderman, serving as his enemies cause to explain the success of all truly talented man.
Alex spent his childhood in the family circle, gradually an introduction to marine craft due to the huge influence of his father. In 1785, when the boy was ten years old, home education was over, and he was sent to train in England. Three years Alex sailed on ships of the British Navy, learning from the best British sailors wisdom profession. After training, he returned to Russia, was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the “Mstislav” floating in the Gulf of Finland.
At this time the war broke out with Sweden. Samuil Karlovich Greig stood at the head of the Baltic Fleet, he was entrusted with the protection of St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. July 6 at the island of Hogland he attacked the Swedish fleet. Sore battle erupted. Unable to withstand the fierce Russian fire, the Swedes retreated to Suomenlinna and Samuel Greig followed. This naval victory was crucial – was foiled plan to capture Petersburg, in addition to the fight against Sweden rose Denmark. Admiral was awarded the Order of St.. Andrew, but he refused to accept it before the final defeat of the Swedes. Unfortunately, Samuel Karlovic has not lived up to the decisive defeat of the enemy. During the blockade Sveaborg he came down with “bilious fever”, and October 15, 1788 died at his zenith on board his flagship “Rostislav”.
After the death of Admiral Empress took his family under the protection. By the end of the year Alex Samuilovich received the title of lieutenant-commander, and his younger brothers – Samuel and Carl – midshipman. In the early autumn of 1789 Alex and Karl Greig was sent to England for further passage of seamanship. In the period from 1789 to 1791 years, they have made ​​a number of voyages to India and China on board ships of the East India Company. When traveling, they had a chance to take part in battles with the Dutch and French ships. In 1791, Alex returned to Russia, but a year later was again sent to England. During the third trip abroad, he served as a volunteer at the British warships sailing in the Mediterranean.
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