Activities Admiral Greig in Nikolaev

Activities Admiral Greig in Nikolaev March 2, 1816, Vice Admiral was appointed chief commander of the Black Sea fleet and ports, and at the same time the military governor of Sevastopol and Nikolaev. On the state of the Russian fleet during this period very vividly written in the works of naval historians:
“Representatives of the fleet were not honored, their feats did not appreciate, but every bast put a string …. At that time, when the thunder Ratio accompanied Russian troops from Moscow to Paris itself, the service has ceased to use maritime honor, fleet stopped to swim, ships rot in the harbors, and the dominant position occupied coastal life … “.
We can say that with the advent of Alexei Greig Russian fleet in the Black Sea has experienced a rebirth. In his new position sailor spent nearly eighteen years, living mostly in Nikolaev, housed the management of the entire Black Sea Fleet. From the earliest days, it focused on the modernization of the ships, as well as the technology of their construction. Great importance to the future admiral gave the construction of small transport and combat sailing ships – Luger, boats, tenders, schooners, brigs, used for transportation of goods, exploration, cruising operations and serve as the basis for practical training of young officers. When Greig began to build special-Lotz boats for hydrographic service, gunboats with three guns and IOLs – small boats of a part of the Danube Flotilla. However, the focus Alexei Samuilovich paid creating the main striking force of the fleet – battleships and frigates. New ships were built according to the drawings, or developed by Greig, or the British model. They had a good stability, which is perfectly combined with powerful artillery, allowing you to use it in strong winds. Designing ships sailor served not “by eye”, but always on a scientific basis. Alexei Samuelovich developed “parabolic method”, offering a mathematical description of the underwater hulls of ships of various types, and the method of determining the center of gravity of the courts on the basis of an inclining necessary for solving problems of stability. Also been widely disseminated its methodology for calculating the roll of ships in combat conditions in strong winds when the guns on one side firing at the enemy. Since 1817 on the basis of the test of this method were carried out in Russia for each built battleships and frigates.
Masterpiece of shipbuilding skills Alexei Shneiderman considered trehdechny 120-gun ship “Warsaw”, which is the first ship of this rank in the Black Sea. According to contemporaries, Greig has invested in a ship all their scientific knowledge and experience, the ship offers an excellent seaworthiness, exclusive body proportionality, heavy artillery weapons and lovely appearance. Unfortunately, the “Warsaw” was launched on after the departure of Admiral of Nikolaev. His successor as chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet Lazarev after rigorous testing gave the ship the following assessment: “The ship still the most convenient location on the inner and finishing the best in the Russian Navy …. Steering listens in all respects excellent and looks the king’s ship – in the Baltic Sea such never vydyvali, and in England, too. ”
Numerous improvements introduced Greig in the art of shipbuilding, significantly increased the durability of ships. Average life of the Black Sea vessels increased from 10 years to 14, and with major repairs (timberovkoy) and up to 17 years. In 1818 Alexey Samuilovich ordered the replacement of sand and stone ballast iron. As a consequence, increased stability, which increased the caliber artillery and replace the 24-pounder guns on the main gun deck of 36 pounds. And he undertook an increase in elevation of the gun ports on the water level made ​​the Russian fleet combat-ready on the go and in a strong wind, and not just at anchor or in the gentle breeze as it was before. In addition to the ships of the Black Sea Fleet for the first time began to use signal lights, trunk pipe, desalination plants, day and night telegraphs.
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