Chapel of St. Nicholas

Часовня Святого Николая Каплиця Святого Миколая Chapel of St. Nicholas
If you reach the end of the Soviet, and it is certainly worth making. You get to the exit on the Ingul embankment, and a little above is another attraction of Nikolaev – the Chapel of St. Nicholas. It was built at the beginning of the XXI century in the place where until 1936 was the main cathedral of Nikolayev – Admiralty Council, and it has laid himself Potemkin.
Chapel of St. Nicholas founded in 2004 on Lenin Square in Nikolaev. Before the revolution, near at the intersection of Admiral’s and the Soviet, was the main temple of Nikolaev – Admiralty majestic cathedral. Church of St. Nicholas was designed by architect A. Domoratsky. The height from the base to the cross – 16 meters.
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