Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

Temple is a place for worship. But in these words lies only sparse wording. In fact, the “temple” very meaningful concept. Temple is a place where a person opens the soul to dialogue with God, to make atonement and repentance. It is an architecture which reflected the time, which contains a special kind of energy inherent to supplication place. It is sometimes clear and sometimes bizarre style reflected the era and culture of the people. In any case it is not a simple place!
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin (Bogorodyts’ka church). Main Orthodox church in the city of Nikolayev. Built in 1800. In 1934, was closed and reserved for the cultural house students then transferred Nikolaev Toolmaker. Before and after the war, systematically destroyed the temple and pulled apart. Restored in the late nineties. Stands at the intersection of the street and the Potemkin Lyagina.
Nikolaev temple is really very beautiful – the air, and at the same time strict lines, colorful stained glass windows and all this beauty is crowned burning in the sunlight, the great golden dome.
Tourism Nikolaev leaves no one indifferent, and we will not be an exception. We go inside and obomlevaem from the local beauty. Through the colorful stained glass penetrates the soft sunlight, thereby, a soft and cozy atmosphere. Numerous icons yes faces of the saints, make this place the spiritual heart of Nikolaev. Is in the air the spirit of truth, faith and love of the Lord, to us, His servants perishable.

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