Ancient settlement Wild Garden Nikolaev

Wild Garden Nikolaev Городище Дикий сад Николаев

Ancient settlement Wild Garden Nikolaev – it ruins the Cimmerian settlement, located in the heart of the historic city of Nikolayev Inhul along the river, between the streets of Artillery, Pushkin and Quay.
Ancient settlement Wild Garden Nikolaev was opened archaeologist Theodosius Timofeyevich Kaminsky in August 1927 Since 1990 began regular study area. Nikolaev settlement “Wild Garden” is the only steppe mound Middle Bronze Age, found in Ukraine. Scientists have proved that the “Wild Garden” by 500 years older than the famous Olbia, and a thousand years younger than the Egyptian pyramids. Garden in the area was laid by Admiral Greig. Garden got its name from the wild trees do not bear fruit, although the formal garden was called “the admiral.”
To date, archaeologists can present unique artifacts that are evidence of extensive ties “Wild Garden” with other peoples who lived in distant lands. Over the past 20 years in the castle, Wild Garden Nikolaev was discovered and investigated more than 50 archaeological sites, including the well-preserved “signs” citadel foundation stone drawbridge, moat, the remains of the fortress wall, about 30 rooms and more than 70 bronze objects (knives, daggers, bracelets, wrought iron boilers, bronze plaques, hatchets), 250 pieces of stone, 150 handicrafts made of bones and hundreds of pieces of pottery (cups, braziers, bowls, buckets, pots).
A sensation in the scientific world Ukrainian archaeologists has discovered a treasure hatchets 2008 – 13 bronze Celts. But the biggest success was the discovery of a large brass boiler (capacity 37 liters), which is in the “Wild Garden” found a well-known local historian and archaeologist Nicholas F. T. Kaminski.
The archaeological gem Nicholas edge – fort “Wild Garden” – is the only archaeological site in Ukraine Black Sea port city since the legendary Troy.

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