Halloween 2014 in Nikolaev

halloweenEvery year, more and more countries in the night from October 31 to November 1, celebrate cheerful holiday Halloween. Name it went with the English “All Hallows Evening” – An Evening of All Saints.

Halloween – one of the oldest festivals in the world. Its history goes back millennia, from the Celtic festival of Samhain, the Roman Pomona Day (the goddess of plants) and the Christian “All Saints’ Day.” It oddly combines Celtic tradition of honoring evil spirits and Christian – worship to all the saints.

Across Europe, this night marks the transition to winter. It was believed that during this time the souls of the dead visit their former homes to warm up by the fire. They wander around, collecting donations of food and drink at the rest of the family. On this night, all the barriers between our and the “other” worlds persists, and opens the gate between them. So Halloween – it is also an attempt to understand the connection between our worlds and otherworldly, and the night of Halloween – a transition, the gate from one world to another. Gate in the winter, in the cold world, where all life dies, but at the same time preparing for the revival rid of all the excess, as the trees of foliage.

Today the ancient pagan festival were funny fascinating traditions. On the night of November 1, decided to dress up in costumes of evil forces and organize masquerades. An essential symbol of Halloween – Pumpkin Head. Pumpkin remove the entrails, cut face and inserted into the candle. Pumpkin simultaneously symbolizes the end of the harvest, the evil spirit and fire, its deterrent. On this night, children knocking at the house, shouting: “Treat or trick!” – “Help yourself, or you will regret!”. If you do not bring a sacrifice, these little evil demons can severely joke on you, such as smear soot door handles.

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