First wedding night in the super luxury hotel room

Hotel Admiral Greig in the center of Mykolayiv is an ideal places where you can spend your first wedding night or honeymoon.

This Sound obvious, but some couples today live together before wedding, so they can solve to save money and spend first night at home. Do not do that! You must make your first wedding night unforgetable, this is your first night together!

Choose the right place to make your night perfect. If You are looking for romance, then You can Book room in the Hotel Admiral Greig in Mykolayiv. Leave your guests and focus each other.

Room super-luxe with sauna is a place, where you can relax and stay along.
Especially for yous Comfortable Double Bed, jacuzzi, sauna.
If You get hungry, you can order some Fruit at restaurant Storm.
The fragrance of flowers and candles will raise your mood, as well as baloons and other staff specifically for your romantic night.
There is nothiing more perfect, than to spend your first wedding night in the magnificent romantic situation of the super luxury Hotel Admiral Greig room.

Where to stay in Nikolaev:
You came to rest on a tour of Nikolaev? Then wait for you at the Nikolaev hotel – a luxury hotel in Nikolaev Admiral Greig! We will organize you unforgettable and super-comfortable admiral rest in Mykolaiv hotel!
The hotel receptionist Admiral Greig will answer all your questions regarding reservation, payment and accommodation at the hotel of Nikolaev if you call us +38 0512 46 50 88.

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